Monday, January 11, 2010

Words for 2010

Words are powerful!
I earn my living with words and absolutlely love them!

Came across these "P" words in an article, a website, or in an email -- can't remember where exactly, but they struck a chord with me. I figure there must be a reason they keep surfacing in my mind. I've decided to adopt them as my mantra for 2010:
Pray -- for guidance and direction
Prepare -- tenaciously and purposefully
Proceed -- with confidence

What are your three words for 2010?

1 comment:

  1. I'm going to steal your first one with Pray - each day in thankfulness for your blessings in life; Peace - find it in something you do each day, whether it's a 10 minute walk, a 3 minute song, or a 60 minute commute with a good book; Party - like it's the last day each day - every day there's a reason to dance - find it.